Resources for Book Authors

These resources for book authors include people who have had decades of professional experience in their fields.

Indie Author Publishing Strategist

Karen Bomm is the founder of She is a master strategist with a variety of turnkey options to shepherd indie authors and make sure their books are found in bookstores, in libraries, and on Amazon. Her detailed, educational proprietary methods are designed to set up the publishing and author platforms necessary to be highly ranked online. The first book I edited for one of her clients reached number one in five categories on Amazon. For those of you who are self-publishing authors ready to navigate the online jungle and have your voice uniquely heard, make sure Karen is on your team.

Web Design, etc.

Kate Rollins at Kate has more than 20 years of Web design and development experience. While she creates new websites using powerful and versatile WordPress themes, she can also make changes in html/Dreamweaver sites. See her website for other services and for a portfolio of her excellent designs, which include several sites for book authors.

Graphic Design

Stephanie West at Stephanie’s two decades of experience include graphic design, SEO, search engine marketing, and other areas of expertise. I have used her services for graphic design and have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by her creative abilities.

Photography (head shots)

Daniel Quat at Daniel has been photographing various subjects for decades. He took my photograph for this website during one of his head-shot parties: a quick and less expensive way to get an excellent head shot for your marketing materials.