Marketing Resources for Your Business

Here are some marketing resources for your business, including Web design, graphic design, SEO (search engine optimization), marketing and social media, print marketing, referral marketing, and printing.

Web Design, etc.

Kate Rollins at Kate has more than 15 years of Web design and development experience. While she creates new websites using powerful and versatile WordPress themes, she can also make changes in html/Dreamweaver sites. See her website for other services and for a portfolio of her excellent designs.

Graphic Design, SEO, etc.

Stephanie West at and Stephanie’s two decades of experience include graphic design, SEO, search engine marketing, and other areas of expertise. I have used her services for graphic design and have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by her creative abilities.

Marketing and Social Media

Jennifer Polle at Jennifer has been helping companies market their services for more than 15 years. Her expertise includes copywriting (websites, newsletters, blogs, press releases, ads, etc.) and creating a social media presence for businesses.

Print Marketing

Trevor Burns at If you want to attract business from higher-income clients in Santa Fe, Fine Lifestyles magazine is an excellent choice. Trevor can explain how Fine Lifestyles offers a better option than merely inserting an advertisement: telling a compelling story about you and your business and services. I know of businesses who have gotten a considerable return on this marketing investment.

Referral Marketing

Susanne Kennedy at A highly regarded expert at referral marketing, Susanne helps entrepreneurs increase their word-of-mouth referrals by developing a strategy for their networking. With her understanding of behavioral styles, she offers individual solutions for her clients.

Printing, product photography, etc.

Josh Weybright at Whenever I have printing needs, I go to Graphic Sky Printing. And if you want quality printing, photography for your products or fine art, and other services, I recommend Josh and Graphic Sky.

Photography (head shots)

Daniel Quat at Daniel has been photographing various subjects for decades. He took my photograph for this website during one of his head-shot parties: a quick and less expensive way to get an excellent head shot for your marketing materials.

Resources for Book Authors

These resources for book authors include people who have had decades of professional experience in their fields.

Book Designer

Ann Lowe at Ann is a talented graphic designer who specializes in dustjackets/covers as well as page layouts.

Book Publishing Coach

Maggie Lichtenberg at With more than three decades of publishing experience, Maggie can help you navigate the various pathways to getting your book published.

Book Marketer

Jeanie Williams at Jeanie and her crew offer an astonishing number of services: endorsements, media kits, radio interviews, serial rights for magazines, award competitions, book reviews, creating a website for your book or for you as an author, and many more.